It Has Begun

My four-day hoop-jumping session known as "finals" began today. I've gotten French and math out of the way (the latter being the most stressful, most dreaded, most I never have to think about it again (unless I fail, which I probably will))* so far. I still have bio and two essays for English to worry about.

Up next I have a study hall. The name is very throughly misleading, absolutely no studying goes on and we do not not study in the hall (if we did, we would get yelled at). I plan to make a .doc icon to match the Somatic Set (by David Lanham).

In other why-can't-it-be-summer news, I have recovered two of the textbooks that I lost on Friday, however the library book that I lost earlier that day is still missing. It was a good book too, and I haven't finished it. To distract me fro my grieving I have started the reading list for this summer. I have already finished American Born Chinese (its a graphic novel, not a real book...I'm not that much of a geek) and am most of the way through Speak** (which is a normal no-pictures book...I never said I'm not a geek at all).

It seems like I should wrap this up some I'll turn it over to my good friend Mr. Footnote.

* Shouldn't there be a better convention for double parenthesis? It looks so ugly under the current system.
** I would mention the author, but that would require more work on my part.***
*** Footnoting shamelessly lifted from Fumbling Towards Geekdom.

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