Some Notes On My Hiatus

So, I'll admit being an absentee blogger wasn't all R&R, there was oft a time when I felt that I should blog about something but then I got that "when you see a dead muskrat don't run an electric current through it to try to bring it back to life" feeling (you get that too, right?) and I decided to let laying lieing lying ???ing blogs lie.

Anyway...maybe I'll get back into the swing of things, maybe I won't, who knows. Just don't expect me to reanimate this muskrat again.

(P.S. I started a "Housekeeping" label to keep track of all my apologies, announcements, etc.)

Update: And when I logged into HitTail I found a plethora or keywords (most of which pertaining to Skitch or journaling app comparisons).

(P.P.S. I forget, just a sec.)
(P.P.P.S. (a minute and a half later) It may have had something to do with more productivity posts "after the jump" (aka, tomorrow) but I'm not sure)
(P.P.P.P.S. I know this is getting a little absurd, but I finally remembered it. What the hell is a "href" anyway?)

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