Today on (kvetch)(/kvetch) we have a very special feature: a picture of my applications folder! What could be more exciting?

(Enlarged to show detail)

So, those are all my applications (sans utilities and ones without an aqua icon). All the icons are Somatic by David Lanham (except the OmniFocus, which is updated too frequently to warrant changing the icon).

Annotations on the first one are pretty self-explainitory: x-ed out apps are ones that I never use but can't bring myself to get rid of. Hearted apps are my favorites (or at least two of them), arrowing indicate applications competing for my attention (i.e. apps that do the same thing) and the words probably mean what they say....

CandyBar is the only app in there that I've paid for, all the others either came with the computer, are freeware or are unlicensed.

All these applications (or at least most of them) are really great, so Mac users should check them out!

Now wasn't that totally (not) worth two (three?) days of silence?

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