Hit, Hit, Hooray!

HitTail has finally given me a suggestion (right on que cue). It has suggested that I write on the topic of "Journler vs. MacJournal". Unfortunately I has no experience with MacJournal (I gave up when it proved difficult to download). I'm not even sure why it picked that keyword, there are three pertaining to a Mac (free) blogging client but only one referring to Journaling apps. I suppose this is the point where I could put my faith in computer aside and use my own common sense to see that people want to hear about blogging clients but my experience is a little limited there too (but if the nice people at Red Sweater want to give me a free copy of MarsEdit I would be more than happy to write up a nice review*).

* Yes, my love can be bought.

2 glowing praise(s):

  1. Mike Levin said...

    Nicely designed page, Kvecher. The one that got issued as a suggestion was because: not only did an actual hit occur on that phrase, but the result was several pages into the search results. Therefore, the best improvement comes from targeting that particular phrase to bring you from several pages in the results to the first page.

    But that is a literal interpretation of HitTailing. If you are merely trying to have the most informed view of what people are interested in, without going for the biggest traffic grab possible, then your approach is perfect.  

  2. Gnome said...

    Oooooh, I get it. That makes sense. Thanks again for taking the time to comment and clear this up.  


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