Tonight when I tried to log in to get my hourly (more or less) HitTail fix I was told that the SQL server was misbehaving doesn't exist (or access was denied). I never realized how much I loved that confusing, secretive service but now that I haven't been able to view my statistics for several hours I am beginning to understand that its quietness was one of its charms and the confusion just added to its aura of alluring mystery. Until now I never realized that I fell for dark, mysterious Web 2.0 apps and I'm glad that I honored this one's first and last request– to post about MacJournal and Journler. As a memorial I will be creating a HitTail label group (seeing as how half my posts are about it anyway). Hopefully I will wake up and this will all just be an overnight server fluke.

P.S. HHTSPIP stands for Have Hopefully Temporary Server Problems In Peace

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  1. Mike Levin said...

    We are so on top of this stuff, it's not even funny. Our down-time was only for a couple of hours in the middle of the night, and we're addressing it now. Thanks for the comment and the support!  


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