Today I spent two and a half hours filling out job applications, eating chocolate chip cookies and listening to IAM.

My handwriting resembles the scratchings of a slightly deranged chicken so I felt obligated to type the application. Seems easy but nooooooooooooooooo. Adobe has failed to build a text editor into their PDF reader so I was forced to go third-party. For those of you who own superior computers (AKA Macs) you can put text into PDFs using a reader called Skim. You would think that would be simple too, but noooooo. Not only is Skim a little buggy and crashes every couple of minutes (give it some credit guys it's only v.0.2) but it turns out that text added to PDFs in Skim does not show up when printed. So, I took screenshots of EVERY SINGLE page (okay, there were four) of the document and printed those, in the process compromising quality. I NEARLY WENT INSANE (wait...I'm already insane, nevermind).

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