Internet, I Have Sinned

I must admit that I have broken one of the arcane (well, as arcane as possible in this situation) laws of blogging (as outlined by StyleyGeek here). In my frenzy of blog-induced creativity (if you can call it that) I posted well over the recommended maximum of three entries. As if this misdeed was not enough I also used the word "blogosphere" four times (MEMO TO SELF: update ticker). I ask you now, ghostly readers, forgive me for this horrible infraction.

P.S. I'm not promising I won't do it again, and if I do, don't think you're getting another apology post.

2 glowing praise(s):

  1. StyleyGeek said...

    Not laws! No! Just weird-ass personal preferences that I made up! I have no idea whether anyone else in the world cares how many times a day you post!

    And even for me, the only effect it has if you post more than 3 times a day is that I might not use an RSS reader to read your posts, but might stop by the blog regularly instead!  

  2. Gnome said...

    My first comment (on this blog)! Oh, the excitement knows only relatively non-restrcitive bounds.

    Now, if only law enforcement had your views on such things.

    "Well, we have found the defendant guilty of killing his ex-wife's brother's dog's alternate walker but this whole 'do not murder' thing isn't as much as law, per se, as it is our we won't be stopping by for tea much anymore, but that thing downtown is still on for tomorrow."

    That'd be the place...  


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