1. I am forced to take 15 minutes (or less) showers. (I narrowly avoided 5 minutes showers which would NOT allow time for my conditioner to sit the suggested 3 minutes)

2. My clothes are LINE DRIED. Until you have experienced it you cannot imagine how awful line-dried clothes are; not only are they stiff as boards, they smell funny, take forever to dry and are not compatible with Febreeze-scented dryer sheets.

The following is an example of the environmental insanity I am subjected to:

Me: It smells like horse in here.
Her: Whores?
Her: The four-legged animal that one would saddle and ride?
Me: Yes.
Her: That's funny.
Me: It's the line-dried clothes.
Her: If you don't know what fresh air smells like you need to spend more time outside.
Me: This smell isn't fresh air.
Her: Do you know how many people would kill for clothes that smell like fresh air?
Her: At least it doesn't smell like Febreeze
Me: Febreeze smells good.
Her: It smells perfumey.
Me: Whatever.
Her: Want some granola?

3. Lights must always be turned off. Now, I admit this is a reasonable one– except, I use lights as a reminder system. Say, for example, I have left my notebook in my room while I brush my teeth, I leave my room light on to remind myself that I need to go back there.

4. Stand-by lights now equal the devil. My laptop was unplugged this morning (WHILE CHARGING) because apparently keeping my computer from dying mid-day wastes energy.

Well...yeah...I guess there are only four. Nevermind. (/kvetch)

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