MarsEdit...On The Cheap

As those of you who read my post about looking for a free bloging client for Mac saw....I'm looking for a free blogging client for Mac (sorry, didn't know where to go with that sentence).  So, just a minute ago I saw that MarsEdit (the golden standard of Mac blogging apps) had just released a new version.  Now, as much as I love new features I wasn't excited about photo support (well, now that I think about it, I am) what I was really pysched about was the chance of a second life for my free trial period (many, or at least a couple, apps restart trial periods when they put out new versions), so I quickly downloaded it.  I opened the disk image, opened the app and was greeted with "Trial is expired, enter serial code" (or something to that affect).  Red Sweater Software is so off my holiday card list.  Anyways, then I discovered the Blogger dashboard widget, which is what I'm using now.  Its not exactly the same but at least I don't have to boot up Safari.

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