Yesterday visits (not page views) skyrocketed from the area of less-than-tenish to about-fiftyish (page views were in the 120 area). Granted, this isn't suddenly the most visited site on the web but its a 500% improvement. There are two possible explanations: either I'm doing something right or my cat was sitting on the refresh key. Lets hope readership doesn't crash.

Also, I read that someone else read that the world's more successful blogs are updated 5-6 times a day, it looks like I'm right on track. (I, for one, can't stand blogs that are only updated a couple times a week, or, heaven forbid, several times a month.

Update: I got an email– from OmniFocus! I just downloaded the beta alpha, watch my productivity soar! Yes, yes, yes!!! Today is a VERY good day.

4 glowing praise(s):

  1. Kat said...

    Blogs do not have to be updated that often. There are many quality blogs that post once a week. People tend to put more effort and substance into their posts.
    It's not about hits either. Who gives a shit about hits?
    Its too bad that the people who DO post that often...have blogs that contain mostly fillers.
    Who the hell has time to post 5-6 a week?  

  2. Gnome said...

    No, no, no. I go by the less-than-three rule for my posts but I would LIKE to be able to post more so that's GOOD news. (And people like me with no life have time to post 5-6 times a day). And hits don't really matter, its not like I get paid for them (I wish) but its just a sense of achievement. Overall I'm not really sure if I should be offended of encouraged by your comment....  

  3. Kat said...

    Don't be offened.
    It's just hard to see how people can put anything that great on their blog, that often. Maybe I'll try it for a week and see what happens...:)
    I can understand the achievement thing, if the content of your blog blog is less personal.
    I started my blog to keep in touch with friends and family but to mostly talk about my dog. The only thing I care about, is if my readers leave me comments.
    Go to for rich in content posts.
    Only updated every Sunday.
    It would be cool if you added images with your posts. People love visual appeal...Check out this person's perspective!

  4. Gnome said...

    Yes, comments are certainly nice. I'm a big fan of PostSecret (of course, I would prefer more frequent updates, perhaps a couple cards a day rather than the whole mailbag on Sunday). I've also looked at TILT but I'm not really crazy about it. Thanks for the suggestions though, I'll try to implement them.  


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