Minima? Is that supposed to be Italian? Does it mean 'small mother'? (Mini ma. For those of you who didn't get that, Remedial Thinking 101 is next door). I flat out refuse to use a theme with a name so convoluted as this, so, from this point forth I will boycott this so-called "Minima" (am I the only one who can imagine the phrase "quick, he's having a minima, get him to the hospital!" being spoken by many a person on ER/Greys Anatomy/House/Scrubs (maybe not so much)/Other Crappy Medical Drama?) The theme I will thenceforth be using is called ZenBlog, and although it doesn't look any different, when you say it no one thinks there is a medical emergency taking place.

P.S. An excerpt from my template's HTML

Blogger Template Style
Name: ZenBlog (No Longer, "Doctor! I'm having a minima!")
Designer: Douglas Bowman
Date: 26 Feb 2004
Updated by: Blogger Team
----------------------------------------------- */

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